The system can be used via a fully featured API, which allows you to perform the bulk of sending, receiving and maintenance tasks remotely, without having to access the SMS portal. A short list of features that can be used via the API include…

  • Simple Reply Service (SRS), both sending and receiving SMS messages

  • Fetch received SMS from your inboxes

  • Create contacts, in bulk or individually

  • Create and delete Groups

  • Obtain single/group message history

  • Message and Batch Statuses

  • Check your SMS credit balance

And more….

This allows for a variety of uses, such as embedding into your website ordering forms, or enquiry systems.

All API keys can be accessed and maintained from within the SMS portal. Keys can also be linked to IP addresses, to limit potential abuse from external sources.

For further details on the API, then please contact us.

Please Note

As SMS credits are purchased on-demand from ourselves, this cannot be completed via an API call. If you require additional SMS credits for your account, then please e-mail us or call us on 08003101010

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